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Chemical Process Pump
Centrifugal, monoblock, lobe and diaphragm are some of the chemical process pumps that any customer can buy from us. These highly reliable pumps are meant to transport industrial chemicals and other fluids. 

High Pressure Pump
In the line of high pressure pumps, we have this rotary vane pump that can only suitable for low-viscosity fluids. If you want to transfer highly viscous or fluids at high pressure, there are other pumps available. 

Submersible Pump
Submersible pump, as the name implies, is completely submerged in water. It converts the energy into pressure energy to pull water to the surface. This type of pump is suitable pumping slurry and sewage. 

Gear Pump
Another kind of positive displacement pump is a gear pump that is suitable for hydraulic fluid power applications. It can be used to pump fluids of high viscosity in several chemical installations. 

Barrel Pump (Electrical / Pneumatic)
Barrel pump can be installed on a barrel or drum to easily and safely transfer or dispense fluids, including chemicals. Barrel pump (electrical / pneumatic) comes in several models to meet different industry requirements. 

Vacuum Cleaners
We have both commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners in our product portfolio. There are also models suitable for wet and dry cleaning applications. There is also a cleaner that uses steam. 

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